Batman rescues the cat From fire – check out the video

Superman and Batman may spend the majority of their time on the big screen saving the world, but in real life they’ve been busy performing smaller acts of heroism—but heroics, nonetheless. And yes, we said in real life.

It’s rare that superheroes in costume are actually superheroes. However, two men in West Virginia are on the way to an event, intervene, and rescue a cat. One just happens to be a former firefighter.

For the people of Milton have been witness to the fact that Batman and Captain America really can save the world.

Well, save a cat at least.

As a house fire burned, the two just happened to be passing, sans Batmobile. They were on their way to a local American Legion Post where they were to teach kids about beating up bad guys.

I am sorry, I meant how to act positively in life.

On seeing the fire, they decided to break into the house to see if anyone needed rescuing.

As WCHS-TV reports, John Buckland — Batman’s real name — is a former firefighter.

He knew what needed to be done. Troy Marcum, aka Captain America, was there to play Robin, as it were.

“I grabbed his shoulders, gave it everything we got, and the door opens up,” said Batman.

Within seconds, he said: “I’ll be darned if I feel something furry.”

He’d found a cat on the floor. Because he is Batman — and a former firefighter — Buckland knew how to bring it back to consciousness.

Was the cat grateful? No, he hissed.

“He got resuscitated by Batman. That’s a pretty scary thing to wake up to,” said Batman, who does look a little like Ben Affleck.

When the firefighters arrived, they must have been a touch bemused by the sight of the two superheroes.

Thankfully, no one else was in the house.

Buckland now runs a company called Heroes 4 Higher. Really.


FOX 11 EYEWITNESS NEWS STORY from Heroes 4 Higher on Vimeo.

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