Belly Mujinga, UK rail worker dies after man with coronavirus spat on her

London: Belly Mujinga a UK railway ticket office worker lost her life after being spat at by a man infected with the coronavirus.

Belly Mujinga 47 is said to already have underlying respiratory issues has left behind a husband and an eleven-year-old daughter.

On the morning of 22 March, she was sent out to work at Victoria station in south-west London. A man approached her and her colleague, he said he had COVID-19 and spat and coughed at the ladies. With is a few days of the assault both fell ill with the virus.

Belly Mujinga who is mother of 11 year old Ingrid, was admitted to Barnet hospital. She was put on ventilator but lost her bettle on 5 April.

Husband Lusamba Gode Katalay said

Her husband Lusamba Gode Katalay said the man asked Belly Mujinga what she was doing.

She answered she was working, the man then spat on her and said he had coronavirus.

The Transport Salaried Staffs Association said, Mrs. Mujinga was put on ventilator on 2 April but she died three days later.


Mrs. Mujinga’s cousion Agnes and her colleagues witnessed the incident. They said Belly Mujinja had pleaded against working without PPE.

They also said her employer Govia Thameslink was aware of her respiratory problem but still insisted she work on the concourse and interact with the passengers.

Worst of all the witnesses said she was sent to work after the spitting incident even though she was traumatized and shaking with the experience.

The colleague who witnessed the incident said Govia was reckless and but on negligent behavior. She said we begged not to go out as their lives were in danger, but they were told they still had to go out. They were not even allowed to put on the mask.

Her cousin Agnes said we want justice for Belly Mujinga, she shouldn’t have been working without PPE. She demands the arrest of the man and the company should compensate the family.

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Managing director of Southern Railway and Gatwick Express

The managing director of Southern Railway and Gatwick Express, Angie Doll has said the safety of customers and staff is their top priority and urged the public not to travel unless necessary. Angie Doll also said they are investigating the claims.

Social Media

There is outrage on social media, it is being said it was a murder. Hopefully the man gets arrested and Justice is served for Belly Mujinga.

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