Christchurch Shootings, Tarrant Will Defend Himself in Court

NEW ZEALAND: The accused Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch Shootings will defend himself in court.

He is scheduled to appear before the court on April 5.

Brenton Tarrant’s duty lawyer Richard Peters has told New Zealand Herald that he will no longer represent Tarrant. He has also said that the accused mosque gunman appears mentally stable other than his extreme views.

Richard Peters has said his job to represent Tarrant seized on Saturday as the accused gunman has said he will defend himself in the court in future.

Brenton Tarrant appeared before the court on Saturday where he was charged on one count of murder.

Forty-nine Muslim worshipers were murdered in cold blood while performing their Friday prayers in twin shootings at the Mosque.

One more death has been reported, raising the number of deaths to fifty now.

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The fact the Tarrant will fight his own case has raised concerns that he might make an attempt to turn his trial into a platform for his beliefs.

He had detailed his belief in the manifesto before his shootings.

His lawyer Richard Peters has also said Tarrant did not show any remorse. He also said he may use the trial to highlight his own extreme beliefs and it will be up to the trial judges how they deal with it.

Police Raids Homes of Tarrant’s Mother and Sister

Australia’s Joint Counter Terrorism Force have raided two homes of the accused family members.

Police have executed search warrant at the homes of 28 year-old shooters mother and sister.

The search was a part of the ongoing investigation of the mass shooting carried out by Tarrant on Friday which took lives of fifty people.

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Brenton Tarrant had appeared in court carrying a smile on his face. He was also noticed making a white power sign in the court.

It was also noticed he had no feeling of regret.

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