Egypt Unveils Newly Discovered Khuwy Tomb

EGYPT: Egypt is full of fascinating secrets and the desert never seems to stop unearthing the remains of an ancient civilization. Egypt has ones again unveiled a newly discovered Khuwy Tomb.

The Ministry of Antiquities-Arab Republic of Egypt has informed via tweeter that “Minister of Antiquities with 52 foreign ambassadors, cultural attachés, & well-known Egyptian actress Yosra, to inspect a newly discovered tomb of a dignitary from the reign of king Djedkare.”

The Ministry of Antiquities has unveiled a well-preserved tomb dating back to 4,000 years.

The Tomb is said to belong to an official named Khuwy. It is believed he was a nobleman from the Fifth Dynasty from the reign of king Djedkare. The fifth Dynasty spanned from the 25th to the 24th century BCE.

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The Khuwy Tomb was discovered last month in southern Saqqara.

The discovery was made while carrying out excavation and documentation survey.

Mohamed Megahed, the excavation team’s head, in an antiquities ministry statement said:

The tomb has a superstructure with an L-shaped offering chamber which ones was decorated with reliefs. Only the bottom part of the decoration is preserved.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained an entrance to a unique substructure was also discovered at the north wall of the tomb. The discovery also depicted the substructure clearly inspired by the royal pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty.

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Other finds

  1. Part of the tomb begins with a descending corridor leading to vestibule.
  2. Southern wall entrance leads to a decorated antechamber
  3. Decorations on both south and north walls reveal the tomb owner sitting in front of the offering table both.
  4. East all showed the offering list
  5. The palace-façade on the west wall.
  6. Remains of Khuwy showing clear traces of mummification were also discovered.
  7. Apart from Khuwy’s mummy, canopic jars — containers used to contain bodily organs — broken into several pieces were also found.

Mohamed Megahed, head of the mission said :

“The discovery of this tomb stresses the importance of Djedkare’s era, and the end of the Fifth Dynasty in general,”

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