End Yulin: Fury as Yulin Dog Festival 2019 Begins

CHINA: There is fury among animal rights activist as the Yulin Dog Festival 2019 begins today in China. End Yulin campaign is floating all across the world.

It is the sickest and disgusting festival where thousands of dogs are killed and even torched alive.

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In this annual Yulin dog festival, around 15,000 dogs are slaughtered mercilessly.

They are clubbed and even beaten to death before they are cooked and eaten.

The horrific footage of the Yulin Dog Festival has been emerging for years.


Many activists have started their campaigns to end this cruelty.

The dogs are slaughtered mercilessly.

They are beaten to death and even torched alive.

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Animal League has tweeted to end this cruelty and has asked to demand an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

PLEASE ACT BEFORE TOMORROW: The slaughter, the torture, the cruelty all begins in 1 day. We must demand an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival now. Join us and help save thousands of defenseless dogs from being eaten for “entertainment.” Sign our petition.

Human Society Int’l have tweeted to inform that Chinese activists have saved and rescued 62 dogs.

62 dogs destined for slaughter at the Yulin dog meat “festival” were saved by Chinese activists & we’re ready to help. Please, make an URGENT donation to help us provide the long-term care needed for these dogs & protect all animals worldwide:


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Sign The Petition To End Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Change Org has tweeted for people to sign the petition.

Will this year be the last year for the violent dog meat festival in Yulin? 500K+ people have signed this petition to stop the event where thousands of dogs are killed and eaten

The worst of all, even the pets are stolen snatched from the owners from the streets and taken to the festival.

Some of the dogs taken to Yulin dog festival have still got collars around their necks.

The dog festival which has begun today will last for ten days. Thousands of people gather at the event to celebrate the festival.

The Yulin Dog Festival is held at Guangxi in China.

Animal Cruelty At Its Peak


Another heart wrenching tweet

#Yulin2019 Each year I hope and pray to God that it will be the last #Yulindog, and cat meat festival, but still it continues. And it seems that God has given up on these poor innocent souls as they are beaten, bludgeoned, and blowtorched to death often in front of each other

Human Society Int UK has tweeted

Thank you to everyone who signed our #EndYulin petition.

Today we delivered 1.5 million petition signatures to the Chinese embassy with @Care2 calling for an end to the horrific #Yulin#dogmeat festival. Wonderful to be with our Yulin rescues Snorki, Fred and 2 dogs called Lily, & thank you @GilesWatling for supporting us

Our thoughts were also with the 1000s of dogs and cats who suffer at Yulin and across China for the #DogMeatTrade

Congressman Alcee L. Hastings have tweeted

Today I’m proud to lead a letter along w/ 34 other Reps urging @SecPompeo to use the momentum from recently passed US legislation & movements worldwide to urge all countries, including China, South Korea & Vietnam to end the horrific dog & cat meat trade once & for all! #EndYulin

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