Four Terrorists Killed: Saudi Police Station Attack Foiled

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television said on Sunday four terrorists were killed who attempted an attack on Saudi Police station in Riyadh.

The four terrorists helped carry out an attack at the Saudi Police Station.

The police station was located in a small city in Zulfi around 250 km northwest of the capital Riyadh.

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Al Arabiya reported the attackers carried

  • machine guns,
  • Molotov cocktails
  • bombs, and
  • petrol bombs,

The video shared online showed two corpses on the ground and a car with open doors at the checkpoint. One dead body can also be seen at the back seat of the car.

The video shared online captioned

4 terrorists killed in an attempt to strike at a government building at Alzulfi, Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Interior Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Zulfi attack.

The worlds top oil exporter has been tackling similar militant attack for many years. The attacks began after Al-Qaida insurgency was crushed by the authorities more than a decade ago.

Last years casualties from terror attack took life of a member of security forces and a Bangladeshi resident on a security checkpoint in Buraidah.

A policeman was also kileed in a separate attack in the city of Taif.

In separate video shared online, gun shots can easily be heard. The local media has said four armed suspects were killed and their attack was foiled.

Latest Followup reveals

  • The targeted building is Bureau of Investigation
  • Security forces detonated the remaining “strap bombs”
  • (Credit for the video goes to Rakan Abdullah Almutairi)

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