Kyoto Animation Studio Fire, 26 Killed Many Injured in Japan

JAPAN: In a suspected arson attack in Japan, at least 26 people have lost their lives and many more injured in Kyoto Animation Studio Fire.

The fire broke out in the renowned Kyoto Anime Studio building around 10:30 local time on 18 July 2019, Thursday.

A suspect is a forty-one-year-old man. He has been detained by the police.

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Local media and police have said the suspect broke into the Koyoto Animation Studio on the morning of Thursday. He sprayed petrol first then ignited it.

The suspect who was taken into custody was also taken to the hospital with injuries.

The rescue operations are still underway, the police have also found knives at the scene as reported by the local media.

The man was heard saying “Drop Dead” as he lit the three-storey building.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has shown his grief in his tweet

Today, in the arson murder case that occurred in Kyoto, there are a large number of casualties, and I lose a word for much misery. I pray for the happiness of the deceased. I would like to express my sympathies to the injured people and pray for a quick recovery.

Forty-eight fire engines are at the Studio building in Kyoto’s Fushimi-ku district trying to control the fire.

Kyoto Animation also is known as KyoAni was founded in 1981. It produces animations and published anime novels, comics, and books.

About The Suspect

According to the latest reports, the suspect has no connection with the company. The man is not a former employee nor has any connections with the studio.

Local news reported, the man after setting fire ran away from the building to the nearby station but fell to the ground. Reports also suggest he was chased by the Kyoto Animation employees.

The suspect was also injured and is being treated so he could be questioned.

Fan’s Reactions

Sentiments are pouring in from the fans of Kyoto Animation

i’m horrified to hear about Kyoto Animation, that someone could do something so horrible to people who have brought so much joy is absolutely sickening

We’d like to send our immediate condolences to those affected by the recent accident at Kyoto Animation Studio. We are truly saddened by this news

My thoughts and prayers to Kyoto Animation Studio and it’s workers who brought many of us pure joy, tears and unforgettable moments. May those artists get well soon.

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