Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – Where is the NSA, when you need them?

On its way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing, China, on March 8th, the Boeing 777 disappeared from the radar at around 2:40 am local time.

Flight MH370

Flight MH370

So far there is no trace of the missing plane, nor its passengers.

Flight MH370
Where is the NSA, when you need them?


And doesn’t every one of the 239, not counting the infants, have cell phone in their pocket? Sure, they were turned off before the departure. But according to relatives of some Chinese passengers, some phones returned a dial tone when called. How can that be?

A technical phenomenon, as experts are calling it. But why can neither the cell phones, nor the black box, or anything for that matter, be located?

The answer may be difficult to accept: maybe someone doesn’t want it to be found?

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370  could have been Hijacked  Video Press Release

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