Nepal Monsoon Rain Kills 36 And 24 Missing

NEPAL: Nepal monsoon rain has killed 36, according to the latest updated 24 are missing, According to police report 12 people are injured.

It is reported that monsoon arrived late in Nepal but when it did took lives of many. According to update from Nepali Times

  • Eastern Nepal has got 500mm of rain since Thursday,
  • Simara received 300mm on Friday alone,
  • Kathmandu got 150mm in 12 hours on Friday. 

The monsoon rain is expected to continue till Monday.

Heavy monsoon rain has triggered flashflood and landslides in the Himalayan nation of Nepal.

The police and rescue workers are continuously working to save the lives of the victims of the monsoon rain.

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According to police, the number of people rescued in different parts of Nepal is as under:

  • 500 in Mahatri,
  • 200 in Rautahat,
  • 85 in Kathmandu,
  • 70 in Sindhuli,
  • 10 in Udaipur,
  • 8 in Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur, Sunsari, Makwanpur, and Khatang.

This is the 4th day of continued rain and weather forecast suggests there are 2 more days for the rain to continue…
Most of Nepal is full of water, flood and landslides and 17 people have already died ….
and Kathmandu is full of water.

Continue rain make #city dwellers life miserable #overflowing#water#inundated#road#flood at Khumaltar, Lalaitpur #Nepal

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Bishwaraj Pokharel, a spokesperson for Nepal Police, said that Nepal Security force is deployed to carry on the search and rescue operation.

Three victims died when the wall of their house crumbled and fell on them.

Nepal Weather Department Warning

Nepal Weather Department has warned of more monsoon rain in the coming days. Nepal is expected to receive 100mm rain each day.

The Kosi River in eastern Nepal has risen above the danger mark. The Kosi River flows into the eastern Indian state of Bihar.

Nepal Red Cross Society

Nepal Red Cross Society has activated an emergency operation centre. The volunteers are actively engaged in the rescue operation.

Flood in Khariboat bridge
Near washing centre fully washed by flood

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