The Official Website Of Passport Office Kolkata has been hacked by Pakistani Hackers, In a fresh cyber war retailiation by pakistani hackers.  Site 0wn3d By Team Pak Cyber Experts now with a note mentioned below.

Congratulations Admin You Are HacKeD 😛 We Hacked You Because some kiddo hackers from your country
are countinously attacking our Islamic Sites & Abusing Our Islam On that sites dear gay hind stop Abusing Islam & Stop Defacing Pakistani Sites
Otherwise we will crush Your cyber space
i hope you all know about us we silent but when we start no buddy can stop us
already proved check google more about us you n00bs are nothing just a bunch of n00bs
this is the final warning to you if you bitches will not stop then all responsibility will be yours
Indian cyber devils & some more n00bras teams next time will be no warning by us we will Enter to your cyber space
Now Next Time Keep Eye On Your cPanel | Domain | Your Admin Panel Becuase We Can In Again, Take Care…
This is A Pay back From Our Side of Hacking Pakistani Sites.. Backoff Lamers from our cyber space.. Everybody Knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable
You will hack 1 we will hack thousands..
[#] Pakistan Zindabad

Official Website Of Passport Office Kolkata Hacked

 URL :

Pakistani Hackers time and after repeatedly conveyed the message not to attack Islamic web portals and Pakistani Government website but Indian Hackers been attacking on the nerve ” Religion and Patriotism ” Of Pakistani Hackers, In retaliation Pakistani Hackers taken down Official Passport website of Kolkata .

It is undeniable fact that Pakistani Cyber watchdogs are always ready and alert to defend the cyber space of Pakistan and respond quickly as they notice any activity, regardless of any fear.

These Hackers mention email or Facebook Page URL for indian officials to contact them, however Indian fellas can’t do much since these hackers are in Pakistan.



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