Pakistan refuses use of airspace to Indian PM Modi

ISLAMABAD: Foriegn Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in a video message on social media refused India to use Pakistani Airspace for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 20.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that “India had requested to use Pakistani Airspace for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flight on his way to Germany on September 20, Keeping in mind the current situation in Kashmir, the permission has been denied.”

Earlier this month, Pakistan denied Indian President Ram Nath Kovind’s jet permission to fly through its airspace access to which usually granted now denied due to New Delhi’s behavior”.

Kashmir Lockdown continues for 46th day, since August 5th, 2019 India revoked the special status of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir turning it into Union Territory (UT).

Since August 5th, Curfew is imposed in the Kashmir valley, No Intenet, No communication, No Kashmiri newspapers and websites are being updated and the local leadership has been arrested.

Pakistan and India are at the verge of WAR once again, Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to address at United Nations General Assembly on 27th September.

It is expected that addressing UN General Assembly in New York and meeting with US President Donald Trump will ease the tension as Pakistan expects India to lift the curfew from Occupied Kashmir and allow media and Leadership to decide their fate.

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