Paris Knife attack, 7 wounded including 2 British tourists

Paris knife attack has left seven wounded including 2 British tourists. According to sources since the attacker targeted stranger, at this point nothing shows any signs of a terrorist nature.

The suspect is believed to be an Afghan national and has been arrested. The suspect was carrying a knife and an iron bar, he was chased by a crowd throwing petanque balls. The episode took place in the northeast of capital on the banks of canal after 11pm.

According to a witness (security guard) at one of the cinemas stated that he saw the man who had already attacked people being chased by two men who were trying to stop him. The attacker had a knife and an iron bar. The attacker threw the iron bar at the men chasing him and then took out the knife.

According to another eye witness (28-year-old Youssef Najah), who was taking a stroll along the canal saw the man running. He was holding a knife about 25-30 cm long. He added, there were about 20 people chasing him and throwing the petanque balls. He also said that four to five balls hit in his head but they were not able to stop him.

Paris Knife Attack
Paris Knife Attack

The attacker dived into an alleyway and tried to hide behind the two British tourists. The British tourist did not react even after they were told he had a knife with him. Both of them were then attacked.

Of the seven wounded, four are in critical condition. A police investigation has been launched for attempted murder.

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