Payoneer funds now available for withdrawal to local bank

Payoneer funds are now available for customers to withdraw to their local bank accounts accordingly to the company’s statement.

Payoneer Funds
Payoneer funds now available withdrawal to local bank.

Earlier it was stated that these funds will be available for bank withdrawal starting Monday 6 July but cusomters can now withdraw funds and don’t have to wait until next week.

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We personally made a transaction to see if the service was working again and we were able to withdraw our Payoneer funds easily to our local bank account.

Payoneer Funds

According to the statement issued by Payoneer the future payments are going to be received in customer’s currency balance but Payoneer was working hard to transition funds to prepaid cards providing it’s customers with a full set of features.

For those who are unaware of what happened, Payoneer MasterCards wettest frozen along with the amount held by them after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) directed Wirecard UK to hold all transactions after its parent company Wirecard AG in Germany filed for insolvency after being involved in a $2 billion dollar fraud.

This step was taken to ensure the safety of funds for customers.

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