PM Khan criticizes French President Macron over ‘anti-Islamic’ attitude

Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticized the French President Emmanuel Macron over his anti-Islamic statements and attitude towards the Muslim community and encouraging the display of the offensive cartoons of the Holy Prophet.

Imran Khan, Erdogan, President Macron, France
PM Imran Khan and Turkish President Erdogan criticizes French President Macron over ‘anti-Islamic’ attitude

The criticism came after French President Macron made some comments against the Muslim community accusing them of separatism and inciting hatred in the country.

These comments were made in response to a beheading of a Paris teacher, Samuel Paty over showing cartoons of the Holy Prophet during a lecture in class.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter criticizing the French President Emmanuel Macron over his statements regarding the Muslim community while presenting examples of Nelson Mandela for uniting people rather than creating further polarization between people.

In his Tweet, the premier wrote:

It is unfortunate that he has chosen to encourage Islamophobia by attacking Islam rather than the terrorists who carry out violence, be it Muslims, White Supremacists or Nazi ideologists. Sadly, President Macron has chosen to deliberately provoke Muslims, incl his own citizens, through encouraging the display of blasphemous cartoons targeting Islam & our Prophet PBUH. By attacking Islam,

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan, such statements like the one made by French President Macron will only create more “hate, Islamophobia and space for extremists”.

Erdogan says French president needs ‘mental treatment’

The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has also slammed President Emmanuel Macron suggesting that he needs ‘mental treatment’ following his Islamophobic comments.

Speaking at his Justice and Development Party meeting in Kayseri, Erdogan stated:

What is Macron’s problem with Islam? What is his problem with Muslims?”

He added:

Macron needs some sort of mental treatment. What else is there to say about a head of state who doesn’t believe in the freedom of religion and behaves this way against the millions of people of different faiths living in his own country?

The Turkish prime minister also called for a boycott of French products as a show of protest towards the comments made by President Macron.

French Response

France rebuked Erdogan and called his comments unacceptable saying:

Excess and rudeness are not a method. We demand that Erdogan change the course of his policy because it is dangerous in every way. We do not enter into unnecessary polemics and do not accept insults,

Furthermore, the spokesperson of France said that they have recalled the ambassador to Ankara which was termed as a ‘rare move’.

Moreover, the presidency spokesperson also condemned Erdogan’s statement towards boycotting French products and called these remarks ‘very offensive’. It is pertinent to mention that the two leaders have clashed repeatedly in the past.

President Macron and his government are working towards anti-Islamic policies that affects the Muslim community in the country in a lot of ways.

The Muslim community is being targeted in France and recently, two women were attacked and stabbed under the Eiffel tower by white supremacist. The incident took place a few days after the killing of the Paris teacher, Samuel Paty.

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