Saudi Hotel Fire: 700 Pilgrims Rescued From Hotel Near Makkah

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Civil Defense has reported 700 pilgrims were rescued from Saudi Hotel Fire on Tuesday.

According to Saudi Civil Defense fire out in Saudi High Rise Hotel.

Fire started on the twelveth floor of a Hotel near Makkah.

Civil Defense have also reported that necessary measures were taken immediately to control the fire.

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All seven hundred pilgrims were rescued on time. All the pilgrims are safe and none was injured.

Saudi Civil Defense Tweeted

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Ishraq Al-Madina Hotel Fire in 2015

Earlier in 2015 in the month of May 15 pilgrims had died in the fire that erupted in a hotel in Madina. 130 pilgrims were also reported with injuries.

The fire had erupted in the Ishraq Al-Madina Hotel at around 2:33 p.m and the Civil Defense firefighters were able to put down the fire by 5 p.m. Reports had suggested short circuit during the maintenance work was the cause of the fire.

At the time of the incident, 700 guests were present in the hotel. Most of the deaths had occurred due to suffocation. Some of the injured were treated on the spot while others were shifted to King Fahd Hospital and the Ansar Hospital.

Eighteen fire-fighting teams  were deployed to control the fire.

Egyptian Ambassador Afifi Abdel-Wahab gave a statement on an Egyptian Television that “15 Egyptians died in the fire.”

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