Slovenia first European nation to declare the end of coronavirus

Slovenia: Slovenia, a mountainous European country has become first to declare an end to coronavirus. Experts, however, warn threats still remain at present.

The European nation announced all indicators point to a slow down. In the last fourteen days The National Institute for Public Health has reported only Thirty-five cases.

Prime Minister Janez Jansa announced that two months after the epidemic was declared, Slovenia has the best epidemic situation in Europe.

The state Government on Friday said there is no need for extraordinary health measures as the COVID-19 spread is under control.

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On Wednesday the government has already considerably eased the restrictions adopted during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, 14-day for the observation period was put on place. Wider easing measures are set to be announced in early June.

The government has also allowed residents of Austria, Italy and Hungary to enter Slovenia, while most of the non-EU national will be quarantined for 14 days as a mandatory step.

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First Case of COVID-19

First case of coronavirus in Slovenia was recorded on March 4. The first case was recorded from a returnee from Italy.

Slovenia proclaimed nationwide epidemic on March 12.

Slovenia has reported as many as 1,467 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 103 deaths.


During lockdown Slovenia closed its schools, bars, restaurants and shop that were not selling essential supplies.

Social distancing was in place.

The government has said the citizens following guidelines were the key to limiting the spread of the disease.

Even though the country has announced the end of epidemic the experts clarified that the virus is still present in the country.

World Count

Worldwide the number of coronavirus cases have reached to 4,576,304. Number of deaths have reached to 305,270.

While some of the nations have recorded a slow down, the heath experts fear a second outbreak of the deadly virus.

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