Strange noises being heard : unknown phenomena

 Strange noises are being heard in different corners of the world, it is an unknown phenomena yet there is no official explanation by NASA or United States Government mostly people in United States and Canada has reported about hearing Strange noise as well as the people in Europe and some parts of Asia.

The Internet is filled up with different weird stories regarding these noises in which many has claimed Wake Up Call and End of the world where as I searched the Internet and heard many I found most of the sounds noises are familiar to each other, that’s why I have upload here so you all can hear it as well.  The way it is being heard and recorded and Back Masking Inverse of it, which you help you to understand the strange noise in a uniquely different way

The Map is to locate you where these sounds been heard in couple of year and recently intensity has increased

Download Actual

Play to listen ( Just as it being heard )

[mp3j track=”Stange Noise” “”]

Download Back Masked 

Play to listen ( Inverse of the Original )

[mp3j track=”Inverse Strange Noise” “”]

I know many would think of it as a some game sound but there several sites on which similar sounds are posted as well on the YouTube. When Back Masked it ( Inverse ) It sounds makes more sense. Why NASA and Other Space agencies hasn’t came up with any authentic explanation  or to prove this noises fake or false, I don’t know but surely some strange activity is going on, Last Full moon was the giant one in the history here are two images as as an example


Now in Both Images you can see the Size of the Moon and It is More Red instead of While, It is because last Full Moon was Eclipse due to which it is appearing Reddish beside that, its giant as compared to normal days and previous times, is it the Moon Axis changing or the earth Magnetic field making it appear bigger than normal. Surely there is something strange going on, well I am not claiming Aliens or CIA’s Latest Trick but World is on the verge of Change where NASA has predicted it would be dark sky for least 2 days 23-25th december but Media isn’t informing anyone.

I will surely update you about it in my next posts because this is not the matter of one nation or the country but entire Mankind where Government are deciving people openly throwing dust in their eyes and not letting to truth to be prevailed as a human it is your and my right to raise this question and ask for it, so kindly share this post and ask other if they also has experienced strange actitivity or heard one of strange noises. Report to me with information and if you have video or audio send me on , Sharing Is Caring least we can keep each other update and stay together rest God only knows what’s gonna happen.

Stay Blessed

By : Farhan Imaan


INCPak Team.

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