Turbo A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.

All his life, Theo the garden snail has lived a slow lane life with dreams of speed at the Indy 500. Suddenly, a freak mishap gives him the ability to move at super speed  which puts Theo and his brother at a failing strip mall. They are discovered by Tito, a goofy fast food worker, and his crew of racing snails, and a wild idea is born for Theo to race with his heroes in Indianapolis. Now, this gang of misfits are traveling to that city to dare pursue the impossible dream, which will require all of Theo’s speed as Turbo to have any shot at achieving.

Theo is a snail who wants to be fast, much like Tom Hanks wanted to be Big and Rocky wanted to be champion.  After a freak accident of Spider-Man proportions, he gets his chance to compete in the Indianapolis 500.  Along the way he finds a friend and fellow dreamer he never actually speaks with in Tito (Michael Peña). Together they both reach for the impossible dreams that live in us all.  The filmmakers of “Turbo” use both wish fulfillment and the belief on oneself to tell a familiar story with most of the troupes we’ve seen before.  What sells it here is voice actors ranging from the comedic Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, to the dramatic Paul Giamatti as his brother Chet.  In between you have actors that have a foot in both dramatic works as well as comedy, like Luis Guzmàn, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, and Samuel L. Jackson.  It also tells its story with a singular goal in mind and still manages to have fun with sight gags, great one-liners, and involvement of the supporting cast.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds
Turbo (voice)
Paul Giamatti Paul Giamatti
Chet (voice)
Michael Peña Michael Peña
Tito (voice)
Samuel L. Jackson Samuel L. Jackson
Whiplash (voice)
Luis Guzmán uis Guzmán
Angelo (voice)
Bill Hader Bill Hader
Guy Gagné (voice)
Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg
Smoove Move (voice)
Maya Rudolph Maya Rudolph
Burn (voice)
Ben Schwartz Ben Schwartz
Skidmark (voice)
Richard Jenkins Richard Jenkins
Bobby (voice)
Ken Jeong Ken Jeong
Kim Ly (voice)
Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez
Paz (voice)
Mario Andretti Mario Andretti
Dos Bros Customer / Race Official (voice)
Mike Bell Mike Bell
White Shadow (voice) (as Michael Patrick Bell)
Aidan Andrews Aidan Andrews
Bike Boy (voice)



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