UAE legalizes alcohol, living together without marriage

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has legalized alcohol and allowed people to live together outside of marriage under the new major legal reforms introduced by the country to make it more expat friendly boosting investing and tourism while relaxes Islamic laws.

UAE Alcohol, UAE laws, UAE Islamic Laws
UAE legalizes alcohol, living together without marriage.

According to the new laws, the UAE has decriminalized the consumption, sale and possession of alcohol and allowed unmarried couples to live together legally to attract more tourists.

Though, the law enforcement authorities always looked the other way in case of foreigners, especially in Dubai but many tourists were always concerned over the threat of punishment.

Furthermore, as part of the new legal reforms, the UAE has criminalized ‘honor killings’ in the country where male relatives could escape prosecution for assaulting female family members who were seen as bringing disgrace to the family.

Moreover, there will also be strict punishment for men who subject women to any kind of harassment including stalking while the Gulf country has also introduced reforms when it comes to divorce, separation and division of assets if a marriage breaks down.

The country has also decriminalized attempted suicide / suicide where until now someone who tried to take their own life and survived were prosecuted instead of being helped.

These legal reforms have been introduced after the UAE signed peace deal with Israel aiming to normalize relations between the two states.

However, many people not not happy with the decision regarding UAE legalizing alcohol and allowing unmarried couples to live together as these people argue that the country is moving away from its own culture and embracing the west.

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