UK Muslim Parents Protest: Children Are Taught About LGBT

ENGLAND: Muslims parents have been staging protest over their children being taught about LGBT and homosexuality.

School children were kept outside the school by parents for first one hour to stage the protest. The protesters chanted outside the school gate and some of them held play cards reading

  • “My child my choice”
  • “education not indoctrination”
  • “let kids be kids.”
  • ” stop exploiting children’s innocence”

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Muslim Parents led more than three hundred adults and children outside the gates of Parkfield Community School, in Birmingham.

The parents object to the lesson their children are given on LGBT and homosexuality without their consent.

They are hold the gay assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat responsible for promoting LGBT causes in the school.

The Muslim parents were not alone in the protest members of Evangelical Christian Group also joined the demonstration.

98 percent of the student in Parkfield Community School are said to be Muslims.

Fatima Shah, 29 year old mum has started a petition demanding the ban on the lessons on homosexuality. She has also pulled her ten year old daughter from the school. Four hundred parents have signed the petition.

Many Muslim parents are ready to leave the country than let their children get the lessons on homosexuality and LGBT.

Fatima Shah also said it is totally wrong to tell their children that being gay is ok as most of the students are Muslims. Islam does not allow homosexuality.

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She went on further to add that she has taken out her daughter from the school and so have many other parents.

But the school has denied and has said no children have been withdrawn.

Parkfield Community School is rated outstanding and it offers five lessons a year covering 

  • age,
  • disability,
  • gender reassignment,
  • marriage and civil partnership,
  • pregnancy or maternity,
  • race,
  • religion or belief,
  • sex and sexual orientation.

Labour Councillor Mohammed Idrees has instructed the school to listen to parents’ concerns.

Mr Moffat, who was made an MBE for campaigning against homophobia, has piloted a reading programme called No Outsiders.

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