At least 25 killed in Ukraine military plane crash

At least 25 people, mostly cadets have been killed while others severely injured in a Ukraine military plane crash that took in the east of the country near Kharkiv.

Ukraine Plane Crash, Ukraine Military Plane Crash
At least 25 killed in Ukraine military plane crash.

According to reports, the plane was carrying 20 cadets from Kharkiv Air Force University on a training light when the crash occurred taking lives of 18 of them while two were seriously injured.

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Investigation is underway to determine the cause of the Ukraine military plane crash however, officials believe that cadets were not piloting the plane when it went down.

The plane crash took place place at 17:45 GMT, just 2 kilometres from a military airport in the town of Chuhuiv and 100 kilometres from the front line where Ukraine forces are fighting with pro-Russian separatists.

According to a statement by Ukraine officials, the crew captain contacted the flight commander at 17:38 GMT informing of an engine failure and requesting permission to land at 17:40 GMT and the catastrophe happened shortly after at 17:45 GMT.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky will be traveling to the region on Saturday.

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