US Election 2020: Biden close to winning, Trump turns to court

WASHINGTON: With the Democratic candidate Joe Biden close to winning the US election 2020, president Donald Trump has turned to the courts with complaints of fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia as well as demanding a recount of ballots in Wisconsin.

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US Election 2020: Biden close to winning, Trump turns to court.

Tallying of votes is still underway but after winning the battlegrounds of Michigan, Wisconsin and even formerly pro-Trump Arizona, the Democratic challenger Joe Biden has reached 264 electoral votes against 214 so far for Donald Trump.

Tallying of votes is still underway in Nevada where Biden can get the remaining six votes and take the presidency from Donald Trump becoming the 47th President of the United States.

While Trump has been constantly complaining about fraud and trying to stop the the tallying of ballots, his adversary on the other hand has shown calm behavior while stating that every vote needs to be counted.

Donald Trump complaining of fraud

However, president Donald Trump has been constantly complaining about fraud and made it clear that he would not accept the reported results while claiming that ‘large number of secretly dumped ballots’ were added in Michigan.

In a follow up Tweet, the president claimed that “the damage has already been done tot he integrity of our system, and to the presidential election itself,”

Several cases will play out in the coming days and possibly weeks since Donald Trump has turned to courts complaining about fraud in the US president election.


A lawsuit was filed by the Trump campaign to stop officials from counting ballots in Michigan until it has an election inspector at each absentee coter counting board while recounting and inspection of already counted ballots.


The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit in the state of Georgia claiming that there were late-arriving ballots that were mixed together with valid onces and asked the judge to make sure that the invalid ballots were removed from the count.

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