Woman Killed, Cooked and Fed Him to Workers and Dogs

UAE: She was cheated by her lover so she decided to get even. A Moroccan woman in UAE killed her ex-lover for betraying her. Well, that was not enough though she minced him cooked him and fed the cooked lover meat to the construction labors working near her home.

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The remains she threw to the dogs in the neighborhood. Height of sickness.

It is reported by Khaleej times that the ex-lover’s flesh was cooked in a traditional Arabic dish “MACHBOOS”.

The 30-year-old Moroccan Woman has admitted of committing this butchery. The victim was in his 20s. He was dumping her after she had supported him financially for seven years.

As reported by Khaleej Times this is how it happened

  • The victim’s brother filed missing person report lastJanuary
  • Brother goes to the couple’s house to inquire.
  • The woman is unaware of his whereabouts and informsthe brother they have broken up after she came to know the victim was about tomarry another woman.
  • The victim’s brother notices human tooth in theblender and gets suspicious
  • The brother’s suspiciousness led to her arrest.
  • DNA test proved the tooth and rest of the remnants inthe blender belonged to the victim.
  • The woman admits to crime

Woman also admitted to have taken help of a friend to clean up the house and getting rid of the body remains after she had killed and chopped her boyfriend. Don’t know what has become of this world? Will things better or they will just get worse? Reading this report, a similar case came into my mind. A woman in Karachi had killed and chopped her husband. She also tried to cook the husband to feed the neighbors’ but was caught due to the strange smell. On investigation of the case the woman admitted to the crime and the reason she came was that the man was her second husband and had tried to molest her daughter.  

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