Apple’s Past:

As we all know that Apple’s best device was iPhone 4s which was good in both Shape and Premium Looks as compared to other devices like iPhone 3 and 3GS. Later, the successor of iPhone 4s brought no seemingly benefit to Apple Economy and Popularity. Yes we are talking about iPhone 5. Most people disliked it because it was not what they expected. They were expecting it to be record-breaking Flagship of Apple but It was just the “reboot” of the last iPhone with bigger 5-inch screen.

Later on, Company’s new Flagship iPhone 5s supported the Economy of the Company. It was released on September 20, 2013 with great zeal and zest carrying a Flat-Designed Biometric Fingerprint Scanner called “Touch ID”. This unique feature was first of all introduced in the Market by Apple which caught people’s attention. Moreover, the premium looks of the Device with Aluminium and Glass build made the device spectacular. It came out of the box with iOS 7 pre-installed on it. Its overall camera quality was increased and it also had dual “True Tone” flashes. It had a highlight that was a “64-bit Apple A7 Processor”. This processor was first of its kind to land the Market.

Then there is iPhone 5c which was strongly disliked by the Apple-heads due to lack of Premium Looks and Shape.  But most of the people who bought Apple iPhone 5c were shifting from Android to iOS. Personally speaking, this device was the cause of recent fall in the economy of Apple’s Company. Apple will have to release a Flagship (Economically and Performing Capability) strong enough to compete with the rising Android Devices like Samsung and other brands like HTC, Google LG Nexus. Following are rise and falls of the iOS and other Operating Systems.



Apple’s Future:

Apple is reportedly building their next Flagship to compete with the rising devices. This time, it is focusing on the device’s Screen-Size and Thickness. Apple is (Sources say) going to reduce the current standard thickness from 7.9 mm to say maybe 7-6.5 mm. This will be a milestone in Apple’s history of devices. Actually, Apple is thinking to get it back up in the Market place after the current decrease of their Sales Share and to compete with thicker and thicker devices in the Market like Flagships of Samsung and HTC, Huawei, Google LG Nexus. It is also confirmed from sources that Apple is increasing the Screen-size from current 5-inch to more than 5-inches. It is also rumored that Apple will be releasing TWO devices this year, just like last year.

But this time, it’ll be “probably” an iPhone 6 with 4.5 inch Display and an iPhone Air with a display larger than 5-inch reportedly to in “preliminary development” and are being produced on Massive Scale. Apple has made up its mind to discontinue the plastic body which came out with the release of iPhone 5c. Both these devices might be released at the same time just like year. According to the Publication, both these devices will be released in the Second quarter of 2014.

Images are leaked out of iPhone Air which clearly show the increase in screen size and decrease in the thickness of the device.


This image clearly shows a chassis with structure similar to iPhone and the thickness of the device reduced.


From the current situation, it is concluded that Apple’s gotta make a Strong, Powerful and Premium device to compete the others. Otherwise, Apple will be the next Nokia (RIP). That’s all for now.

*These reports and images are from unreliable sources from China where major portion is built.

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