Media is and has been the target of groups who believe that they can do anything. From corruption to torturing customers up to the point that they have to quit their subscription regret to death !  The most recent episode came in the form of INCPak blockage. website has been blocked by Internet Service Providers Fiberlink In Pakistan, This reaction came after INCPak posted an article from one of their angry ex-customer who shared his horrible experience with fiberlink management.

In the past, we have been blocked by Indian ISPs for raising the voice of Kashmiris but this blockade came to us as surprise. Not only in Pakistan but in the whole world, ISPs and other telecos usually appreciate the criticism and resolve the issues with concerned customer and contact the media to update the news.

However Fiberlink management did not made any contact with INCPak Team at all and directly blocked the website, It reminds me of the song ” Cuts Run Deep ” by Deep Purple. There was nothing personal nor being against Fiberlink fellas from INCPak, Instead of sorting out issue blocking INCPak website shows that they are guilty.

Well Fiberlink users are smart unlike them, they are using VPN and accessing INCPak Website.

Previous post has all the reference needed to investigate the issue whereas INCPak stands as the platform which shared it on the web.

Don’t forget to Read The Faults in Fiberlink – Internet Service Providers !

Fiberlink management are acting like the ruling elites in Pakistan, If you are unhappy Block It !

We simply don’t want to argue with them, The story is clear infront of everyone !

We just want to say “Aaeena unko dekhaya to bura maan gaye.

We recommend them to either solve the issues of the customers and for the love of God “Grow UP” ! By blocking a site you are just proving yourself to be guilty and giving us free promotion.

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