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  • khan

    Hi. Can any one tell me that what is duel core and quad core and can its true that A500 is actually quad core how can we identify and verify that A500 is quad core. i think it seems to be deceptive that its features are not that actually what they had mentioned so i think its not the quad core and if any one know then plz share this information with me that is it quad core or not. because Q mobile is know leading the market and we have to focus on it that they are manufacturing quality products and products are actually as that what they had mention about. other wise we have relevant forum to expose the deception which is prohibited according to Competition Commission of Pakistan and ccp restricts from deceptive marketing practices so if any one of u know about it that A500 is not quad core then u have the plate form to let ur voice heared.

  • kashif

    a900 batry may kis tarah hay

  • Ibadullah Solangi

    For Noir A7

  • Ibadullah Solangi

    Guys please release the Custom ROM.. We're waiting.. 10 days have already passed.. And no ROM ..

    • http://www.incpak.com/ INCPak

      hopefully in a day or two we'll release it

  • Faisal Asghar

    plzzzzzzzz clear that it has 3G or not

  • http://www.isharearena.com/ M.Aswad Mehtab

    @Fahad Imaan please see this screen shot of your previous post, and let us know which one is correct .. 3g YES or No !

    • http://www.incpak.com/ INCPak

      we have A20 User in our team will be mentioning shortly in video review pros and cons.

    • http://www.incpak.com/ INCPak

      It does not have the 3G, I think Ali's friend bought the A20 he was over excited, human error :)

      Hopefully soon video review along with the Root method is gonna hit INCPak