Qmobile about to launch Noir A500 , A900 & A950

One of the Top Ranking, Budget phone importer Company Qmobile is coming up with 5 new sets right after launching Noir A20 Quad Phone, the two sets are A2 Lite and A4 and rest of three aren’t speculation but they have landed in Pakistan as well.

Noir A500 , Noir A900 and Noir A950 seems like Q understood well that dual core time is over and now the Quad Race is the only way to compete with the market in there recent launched set Noir A20 they missed 3G which is gonna effect in future as 3G might get launched by the end of this year on full scale.


What it appears by A500 , A900 and A950 the fleet of 100’s gonna carry on, what I personally think Q is launching Q NOTE unlike Noir A11 which wasn’t closer to it and yet I have no official word from Q Fellas but I was told months back about Q Note so it seems these models are NOTES.

Price Tag Can’t say for sure but this time Q gonna be heavier crossing 25k easily if below that would be a miracle, but hopefully these sets will show up in the market very soon – maybe a week or two cause this Quad Race more Quad Phones you’ll see by the end of the July 2013.

A20 is budget friendly phone no doubt the specification aren’t too high as expected frankly but it does replaces Noir A8 completely, where the point is does it have the TV OUTPUT Feature , NFC , OTA or OTG , I doubt NO, we are gonna be giving Video Review of Noir A20 Shortly and we’ve manage the Root it Successfully that’s a Breaking News 🙂

apart from all do let us know what do you think about Q Strategy and Quad Race these days, Do you think GFive G9 would be able to stand in the market when 6 new phones by Q gonna cover the Price Range and Specs ?

I didn’t get the logic of repeatedly using A2’s TAG over & over again did you…  A2 Lite =/


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