Qmobile Z12 slow charging issue

I been using Qmobile Z12 since over 3 months, in early days TYPE C charging was like dream come true for me hardly took 60 mins to refuel the battery, no doubt the smartphone’s build quality is premium and Premium Quality Smartphone QMobile Noir Z12 was written by me.

Now since a week, Slow charging issue annoying me a lot, Slow charging how slow? Well it’s taking 12 hours atleast to charge 65% horrible right, I discussed this issue on INCPak Forum members specially Qmobile Z12 users and they responded with the similar problem, Changing Data cable or Charger, Even The Hard Reset process from recovery failed to resolved slow charging problem.

I went to QMobile Customer Care Center at Punjab Colony, Karachi – where I shared the problem, carried Data cable and charger along incase if they don’t have one, they kept it plugged for 15 minutes and not a single percent was charged.

They called up someone from Technical department he said this could be Data cable issue however we don’t have a new cable right here but tomorrow we’ll arrange and check your phone otherwise you can claim your warranty.

Qmobile Z12, Qmobile Z12 Pro and Qmobile Z14 all are having built in batteries which means you are bound to take them to Q fellas without it – you can replace battery or get it checked from elsewhere. Although I am pretty satisfied with Smartphone’s performance and quality but slow charging issue has disappointed me and I wouldn’t suggest anyone for Qmobile smartphones especially built-in battery one.

TYPE C charging port makes you limited often you have normal USB data cable but these one are 3 times expensive and yet again not original – My smartphone’s problem still persist and I don’t have much choice to surrender my phone and claim warranty.

Do let me know if you are facing slow charging issue on Qmobile Z12, Qmobile Z12 pro or Qmobile Z14, share your feedback.

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