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Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan !

Online shopping or online retailing is a form of electronic commerce ( e-commerce) which allows the consumer to buy goods directly from the seller over the Internet using the web-browser and Smartphone apps.

The trend of online shopping is getting popular day by day in Pakistan but not as popular as in western countries. Online shopping is growing but with the slow pace as people have little awareness about it.

How buying goods over Internet takes place in Pakistan;  credit cards? No but the most popular method that is cash on delivery or money transfer as most of the population does not have credit cards. This is taken from the initial models of call-to-order shopping, which allows people to call and place orders and pay cash on delivery. The concept of online shopping through website, take the old model just one step further, where people can order by a click of a button.

People usually buy electronic items such as cell phones, computers,tablet PC’s and computer accessories, laptops from online stores. With the rapid increase in the trend of online shopping, a bright future of eCommerce and online marketing can be expected in Pakistan which can improve the economy of Pakistan.



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  1. Guys i have found the cheapest and most reliable way to order stuff from amazon/ebay to Pakistan, u can contact Mr.Adnan @ 03324924162 via whatsapp and he will give you the quote for your product . i recently ordered an Anker Power Bank through him at a very reasonable price,
    it was a lot cheaper than using anyother online shopping websites.(no spam) just trying to help
    Good Luck!

  2. These sites are like shit. American child can create better website than the above 10.
    they are just looking like Indian online pet shop.
    Look at them, and change yourself.
    Advice from USA.

  3. What is the criteria for these rankings?

  4. Online shopping increases ecommerce business.

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