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Tahrir Square

Clashes erupt in cities, Security forces shut down Tahrir Square

CAIRO :  Clashes erupt in cities; Security forces shut down Tahrir Square.

Clashes have erupted in several cities in Egypt in a day of mass protests. Clashes have erupted in cities such as Cairo, Alexandria and Sharqiah between security sources, anti Morsi supporters against pro Morsi supporters.

Sources have reported that gun fire was heard near Tahrir Square as well as tear gas.

Security forces have closed off Tahrir Square and Rabaa Adaweya Square ahead of protests planned today. This comes with heightened security in areas which potential violence might occur, government buildings and police stations.

The Health Ministry has so far reported 1 death and 9 injuries in today’s clashes.

* Update: Egypt’s Health Ministry now denies any death occurred, says initial information is incorrect.

*Update 2: After denying the report of 1 death, the Health Ministry has now confirmed a man has died and 14 others have been injured.

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