Road Prince Motorcycle Prices Increased [November 2020]

Eiffel Industries Limited have gone ahead and increased Road Prince motorcycle prices by up to Rs. 1,000 according to a circular issued by the company to its dealerships across Pakistan.

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Road Prince Motorcycle Prices Increased [November 2020].

The increase in Road Prince bike prices comes at a time when the USD to PKR rate is constantly improving and coming down the to lowest in months but still the automotive sector is adamant to increase prices without any valid reason whatsoever.

Road Prince Motorcycle Prices have been increased by Rs. 500 for all models except RP-125CC which has seen the highest increase of Rs. 1000.

The following increases have been made:

MotorcyclesPrice Increase (PKR)
RP-70CC (All models)Rs 500
RP-100CC (All Models)Rs 500
RP-110CC (All Models)Rs 500
RP-125CC Rs 1000

This increase will come into effect from 5th November 2020.

In related news, Pak Suzuki has also increased motorcycle prices starting 1st November without any valid reason despite the positive currency exchange rate since the last few weeks.

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