Honda Atlas increases prices for Civic, City and BRV [May 2020]

Honda Atlas Cars Private Limited has increased prices for for its cars following the hike in dollar price against the rupee. The increase in Honda Atlas prices of up to Rs. 120,000 affects all models of Civic, City and BRV variants with the new prices going into effect from 5 May 2020.

Honda Atlas Prices Civic City BRV
Honda Atlas has increased prices for Civic, City and BRV.

The price increase Honda Atlas affects Honda Civic the most with a price increase from Rs. 100,000 for the cheapest model where as high end model has seen an increase all the way up to Rs. 120,000. The Honda City has seen a minimum price increase of Rs. 60,000 all the way up to Rs. 70,000 for the 1.5 litre variants. The price of Honda BR-V has been seen an increase from Rs. 80,000 for the base variant to Rs. 100,000 for the top end variant.

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Honda Atlas Prices [May 2020]

ModelsCurrent Prices (PKR)New Prices (PKR)Increase (PKR)
Civic 1.5L Turbo RS4,479,0004,599,000120,000
Civic 1.5L Turbo Oriel4,249,0004,349,000120,000
Civic 1.8L VTI SR SVT3,779,0003,899,000120,000
Civic 1.8L VTI CVT3,549,0003,649,000100,000
City 1.3L MT2,329,0002,389,00060,000
City 1.3L AT2,509,0002,574,00065,000
City 1.5L MT2,389,0002,459,00070,000
City 1.5L AT2,559,0002,629,00070,000
City 1.5L Aspire MT2,559,0002,629,00070,000
City 1.5L Aspire AT2,719,0002,789,00070,000
BR-V MT2,999,0003,079,00080,000
BR-V CVT3,149,0003,239,00090,000
BR-V S CVT3,299,0003,399,000100,000

However, the following terms and conditions are to be noted:

  • New RSP is applicable on all Bookings received from 23rd April 2020 and onwards.
  • Current RSP will be applicable on backorder with full Payment as on 22 April 2020.
  • Backorder as on 22 April 2020 with Partial Payment will be Delivered on New Price.
  • Consginee stock available at dealerships can be invoiced on Current Price till 9 May 2020.
  • The above mentioned are ex-factory prices exclusive of withholding, freight and insurance.
Honda Atlas Prices
Price increase notification.

Honda Atlas also recently shut down its production plant due to to COVID-19 until further notice following the government directives and to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

Other car manufacturers have also done the same Including Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) speaking of which, they also recently raised prices for all their vehicles after the dollar price hike.

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  1. What’s the purpose of increasing price when usd is back on 159 and they are also making bookings while plants are shut down.
    May Allah All Mighty help us 🙏😇

  2. honda is trying to sell his garbage in gold na d diamond price,now increase in price is just like they decorate their garbage with jewels n now they r trying to recovering their expenses.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  3. Jitni merzi prices increase ker lain jub customer nahi hooo gaa car lenay Wala aap dekhna khid prices down kerain gain inshallah kiukay aap louguoo ko pouchny Wala koyi nahi hai

  4. I agree with remarks of Syed Waqar, at one side they have shut down their plants, whereas on the other, they are increasing prices of their cars. If they try to earn less profit, might be they start earning something fair. But, these all Companies are much greedy, they dont care for customers.

    1. Exactly they are all greedy and trying to make more amd more money not producing more so that people get bound to buy the ones whoes expense have been increased

  5. Prices were already much higher for these locally assembled vehicles.. Govt. Should lift extra taxes and duties and also keep a quality and price control check on automobile companies. German and other auto companies should be invited to the market for competition.. Consumer is always willing to pay but for the thing that worth it just like Audi..

  6. The price raise means clearly that they are out of business. Now they are trying to sell there shitty stock as a last measure to earn something. The price they are asking with the price a t high end one can buy a house at a locality easily. There is no reason to by any of such shitty cars. They have already bled the consumers to the worst. Let them know a loss is hurt and they should all feel the edge of the bitter pill.

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