Pak Suzuki Bike prices revised [July 2020]

As expected Pak Suzuki bike prices have been increased right after Atlas Honda, Yamaha Motors, United Motors, and Road Prince prices were revised last week.

The increase in prices of motorcycles in Pakistan comes after Pakistani rupee’s devaluation against US Dollar.

Pak Suzuki Bike Prices
Pak Suzuki Bike Prices Increased.

Pak Suzuki Motors issued the circular notification to all the dealerships across the country that new prices will be in effect from 1st, July 2020.


Pak Suzuki Bike Prices In Pakistan

ModelNew Price
GD110SRs 175,000
GS150Rs 185,000
GS150SERs 202,000
GR150Rs 279,000
Gixxer 150Rs 579,000

Pak Suzuki Motorbikes prices variate from Rs 3,000 to Rs 30,000 on the Gixxer 150.

Whats Next?

Still Toyota Indus Motors, Atlas Honda, FAW and Pak Suzuki motors to revise the prices of motor vehicles, earlier Road Prince Pearl’s prices were increased.


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Similarly prices for other bike manufacturers have also increased starting 1 July 2020.

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