Coronavirus: Schools in Punjab will close only if absolutely necessary

LAHORE: The decision close schools in Punjab will be only be taken only if absolutely necessary based on the data being provided regarding the coronavirus situation according to the provincial education minister Murad Raas.

Schools in Punjab, Winter Vacations, Murad Raas
Coronavirus: Schools in Punjab will close only if absolutely necessary.

In a tweet, the education minister said that despite pressure from both sides, he is not going to let that determine the final decision regarding closure of schools in Punjab.

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He further emphasized that the lives of students and teachers were top priority but schools will only be closed if data being provided to him on the coronavirus situation supports such a decision.

Let me just inform everyone that decision will be made on DATA that is being given to me.” said the education minister in his tweet. “Lives matter the most. Zero pressure on me from either side. Sensible decisions have to be made.”

“I’m not in favour of giving winter vacations. Schools have just reopened after six months,” the education minister told a SAMAA News.

He said that he will push his views in the meeting with the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) on Monday (23rd November 2020). However, if the decision is made to close schools in Punjab, there will be no summer vacations next year to make up for the loss of education.

Schooling will stop in case schools close and online classes will be carried out and everything else will remain the same according to the education minister.

He also requested parents to keep children at home if they were not sending them to schools. “Khuda ka wasta (for God’s sake), if you are not sending children to schools, don’t take them to northern areas or shopping malls instead,” said the minister.

“Schools are following COVID-19 SOPs the most and everyone wants them closed. I will ask the NCOC to ban children from entering all recreational spots.” the education minister further stated.

Similarly, the Sindh Education Department convened a meeting on Saturday and decided against any winter vacations and closure of schools. The provincial education minister said that instead of closing educational institutes, the standard operating procedures (SOPs) should be strictly implemented to control the spread of coronavirus among children.

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