Sindh Private Schools Association to reopen schools from 15 June

All Sindh Private Schools association has announced that they will be reopening schools taking care of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to make sure students, teachers and staff are safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Sindh Private Schools
All Sindh Private Schools Association announces to reopen schools from 15 June.

Chairman of the All Sindh Private School Association Haider Ali in a press conference said that schools will reopen in two shifts to ensure that social distancing is possible between students adding that masks and sanitizers masks, sanitizers and thermal scanners can be provided to the schools to ensure everyone is kept safe.

However, Government of Sindh has decided against opening schools after the National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting on coronavirus as it seemed like a very risky step that could endanger the lives of children and teachers.

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Similarly Punjab has also stated that schools in the province will remain closed as the risk form coronavirus is not over yet and Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas also warned against strict action against any institutions that are planning to reopen.

Instead a notification was issued by the Primary and Secondary Education Department of Punjab stating that alternate means of imparting knowledge will be explored but it was still to dangerous for children and teachers to attend schools as mainting SOPs are nearly impossible for these institutions.

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