Students demand online exams all over Pakistan

Educational institutions’ sudden declaration of physical assessments has stirred the scholars to step in and elevate their voice, as the students now demand online exams for all higher classes and university semesters. And, thanks to the social platforms and internet, these helpless students’ courageous expression is finally harvesting recognition as #Studentsdemandonlineexams is currently the top trend on twitter.  

Students demand online exams
Students demand online exams all over Pakistan

The global pandemic that emerged in Pakistan in February, previous year severely affected the educational system of the country. Keeping the mounting coronavirus cases in mind, the city had to shut down, initiating with all forms of scholastic bodies. Consequently, the ninth, matric and inter students were promoted with an average result. And, for almost a year now, the educational activities were being conducted online.

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Students Demand Online Exams

The Federal government earlier this month dropped a bombshell on students when it announced to resume the in-campus education throughout the country. In addition to this, as soon as the news surfaced, the educational associations, precisely universities released the long-awaited schedules for physical examinations, trapping the students under loads of unexplained curriculum, which was covered through online teaching.

However, the students from all over Pakistan are not yet ready to accept this brutality and failure of educational government, as they are standing up against the botched system. The schools, colleges and universities students from different parts of the countries have united under common cause, which is to call off the physical examinations.

Therefore, students demand online exams on social giants, to ensure their safety from the lethal virus as well as to prevent further loss of their schooling period. These students are making their voices heard through online polls and protests on twitter. Owing to that, hashtags like #Studentsdemandonlineexams and #Onlineexamsforall are currently trending on the handle.

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