Australian Female Tourist Causes Outrage With Ripped Jeans

INDONESIA: An Australian female tourist seams to have caused an outrage in the streets of Bali. All she did was wear a ripped jeans.

She appeared in public last week with her ripped jeans exposing her from behind. The tattered jeans exposed parts of her buttocks and crotch.

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The young tourist seems to have caused quite a spark. According to reports one local man approached her to inform her jeans was damaged. He helpfully informed her in quite an embarrassing way. He was bewildered to know it was ripped off by design.

The young lady is seen visiting the souvenir stores in the streets of Bali unaware of the commotion she has steered.

The stunned locals seem to assume the young tourist is unaware of her torn jeans. Majority of Balinese commenting thought the lady was rude in dressing in such in inappropriate way.

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The forty seven second viral clip was taken by a passerby.

She is also seen accompanied by her male friend as they proceed to a restaurant, Both Australian tourist seem unaware of the outrage they have caused in the street.

Tourist In Bali Causes Outrage With Ripped Jeans

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