Melody Hames The Horse Barber With Incredible Talent

Melody Hames is also known as “The Horse Barber” for her incredible and unique talent.

Hames creates spectacular designs clipping onto the coats of horses. She has set up her own business by clipping creative designs on her unique clients the horses.

She started branding her business six years ago and her business has been growing ever since all over the globe.

She is Uk’s first Horse Barber educator and provided training as well. She began her business in 2012.

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She is self taught and began clipping at the age of nine. By combining her two passions i.e. horses and artwork has created her own unique brand.

Melody Hames is from Bury in Manchester, who began clipping at the age of nine now it has become her full time job.

She performed her clipping skills on her own pony that suffered from
Cushings disease –meaning its coat didn’t shed properly — so she would spend her time tending to it out of necessity.

Than her friends asked her to clip their horses. Her talent can to be known through word of mouth. More and more people started asking her services and that is how her journey started.

Melody Hames The Horse Barber With Incredible Talent

Her passion has taken her to United States. Her designs can take weeks to make and hours to clip the coats.

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Her passion of horses and art work when meet they fuel her up and she really loves and enjoys her work.

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