Hareem Shah leaked call with Fayyaz ul Hassan

Hareem Shah has been the part of ongoing scandal ever since the video of the call with Sheikh Rashid was leaked and the matter only seems to be escalating rather then dying down. Now yet another call has been leaked on social media of the Hareem Shah star talking to Fayyaz Ul Hassan.

Fayyaz Ul Hassan is a Pakistani politician and the provincial minister of Punjab for Information and Culture.

Hareem Shah Fayyaz
Hareem Shah.

Hareem Shah Fayyaz Ul Hassan call

In the video, Hareem is talking with Fayyaz Ul Hassan regarding an anti group of PTI and he seems to be telling her to avoid media and giving her instructions on handling the situation and also telling her to explain all of it to her friend Sunal Khattak, who was present at the time of the Sheikh Rashid video call incident.

Hareem is known for her controversial picture and video leaks with top notch ministers and journalists. Twitter has been trending with Hareem Shah for a few days now since the first video leak of the call with Sheikh Rashid and people are now concerned over why so many PTI officials are involved with this TikTok star.

Hareem Shah Fayyaz
Hareem Shah’s photo.

Earlier today, a Facebook page by the name of ISF-Insaf Students Federation Haripur leaked pictures of ID’s and passports of Hareem Shah and her friend Sundal Khattak which had a different name with their pics. The page also threatened them that their life would become difficult and they would have to leave the country. Currently no information is available as to whether those IDs that were leaked are real or fake.

However, people all over social media are now circulating those pictures of her IDs.

Also some controversial videos of Hareem with some people seem to have been leaked online and people are posting screenshots from them on Twitter.

Some controversial video of her seems to be out with someone named Bhola but we don’t have any information as to who this person is.

Hareem Shah video call screenshot leaked online with someone named Bhola.

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