Why are Hassan, Yemeen, Umar & Faye trending on Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few hours, you may have noticed that Hassan Ahmad, Yemeen, Umar and Faye (Fatima) have been trending on the social media platform. However, if you’re unclear as to what might be the story behind it, just read below to find out.

Yemeen, Hassan, Hassan Yemeen, Hassan Ahmad, Umar, Faye, Fatima
Why are Hassan, Yemeen, Umar & Faye trending on Twitter

The trends started when Yemeen posted a series of tweets about Hassan Ahmad exposing him as a playboy and exploiting multiple girls at the same time with the help of his best friend Umar.

Shortly after Yemeen, another girl named Faye (Fatima) posted about the same guy exposing him as a liar and basically backing the earlier allegations that were made against him.

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According to the series of tweets by Yemeen, she met Hassan Ahmad before COVID-19 lockdown and both met each other two times at a public place but that wasn’t enough for the this guy.

He constantly tried to get Yemeen to meet him privately but was rejected by her each time and then coronavirus lockdown was imposed and both of them were unable to meet face to face but kept in contact digitally.

Yemeen says that throughout their friendship, Hassan Ahmad was constantly in contact with other girls and kept lying to her about his loyalty with the help of his best friend Umar who constantly protected him.

After a while of constant lies, Yemeen directly contacted the other girl that Hassan Ahmad was lying to and told her about everything after which the post on on Twitter was made exposing this “scumbag” or so they call him.

According to this thread, Hassan Ahmad with the help of his friend Umar constantly exploited girls and the same was being done to Yemeen who went directly to one this other girl telling her the complete truth.

However, Hassan Ahmad and Umar did not appreciate Yemeen exposing them to the other girl and both girls are now allegedly being blackmailed by the guy who says that he will leak their nudes or “stuff” as as it was referred in the Tweet.

Not to forget, these are this is the Twitter thread by Faye or Fatima about Hassan Ahmad along with some screenshots of their private messages and the reason being stated by both girls for making these posts is to making sure that other girls don’t fall for the guy.

Other Side of the Story

However, right now its just two girls attacking the guy and there isn’t much proof other than the disclosed messages or screenshots which could very well be made up. The other side i.e. Hassan Ahmad and Umar have not made any clarification regarding the matter.

Even though people like to jump to conclusions, I say its too early to decide on who might be in the wrong in this scenario since we still don’t know what’s on the other side of the coin.

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