Imma The Japanese Virtual CG Fashion Model

JAPAN: She is beautiful with a good sense of fashion. Imma The Japanese virtual CG Fashion Model isn’t actually a human.

Her name Imma is derived from a Japanese word ‘ima’ meaning ‘NOW’

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Imma The Japanese Virtual CG Fashion Model

This CG model is going viral and anyone can see why. She wears cute bob pink hair. Flawless skin with large expressive eyes has easily attracted attention from many.

Imma with her slim proportioned body and full lips seems to have everything going for her.

The factor responsible for her growing popularity is that she is completely virtual. She currently graces the cover of the February issue of CG World magazine

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Her photos will be seen on the streets, casually standing in front of sports car or standing in front of a vending machine completely bypassing a studio.

She is the product of Tokyo-based CG modeling specialist company Modeling Cafe.

Modeling Cafe is also representing her and their office is located among the boutiques of Tokyo’s fashionable Daikanyama neighborhood.

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While Imma is seen pasted in the real environment she is just a digital data. Normally when you zoom in to Cg illusion they start to crack but that is not true in imma’s case. The company gives credit of this to their female staff for fine tuning as the company felt male staff lack experience with cosmetics which would have prevent them from achieving the realistic results.

She can be seen taking her selfie

Her Instagram and twitter account describes herself as 

I am a virtual model. 
I’m interested in Japanese culture and film, movie.
I want to attract humans to the fashion show. 

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