Komal Aziz Khan slams moral policing comment

The Pakistani television actress Komal Aziz Khan just slammed a one of her followers over a moral policing comment that was left on one of her Instagram pictures.

Komal Aziz, Komal Aziz Pictures, Komal Aziz Instagram
Komal Aziz slams moral policing comment.

The Mein Na Janoo actress is currently on a vacation in Turkey actress shared a few pictures that ended up being criticized by her fans who began to lecture the star about modesty.

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In one of her Instagram posts, Komal Aziz shared a short video clip of her feet but it seems that it was too much for some guy to handle and he had to bash the actress for not being dressed appropriately on video clip which shows literally nothing but her feet.

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Pools and beaches are the greatest joys of my life ✨

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The person commented on the picture saying, “nangi orat bagairat” which translates to ‘shameless nude female’.

Komal Aziz, Komal Aziz Pictures, Komal Aziz Instagram

What’s surprising here is the fact that even female feet are now sexualized by some Pakistani males which is actually concerning because until now, we thought that it was just biscuit ads and girls in yoga pants that was the problem.

Lets just hope that Pakistani journalist Ansar Abbasi doesn’t come across these pictures as he might end up demanding a ban on female feet in our society to protect younger generations from indecent content.

Komal Aziz Khan shared another picture of herself in decent clothing but still it wasn’t enough and the actress was bashed by some telling her, “Pakistan se bahir jate hee inki haaya saath chor dyti hai, ye baat samajh nahi aati kyu”

Komal Aziz, Komal Aziz Pictures, Komal Aziz Instagram
Komal Aziz enjoying her vacation in Turkey.

However, this time Komal Aziz did not hold back and ended up replying to the comment telling the man:

Because we feel safer abroad in wearing what we want and travelling alone. We meet less judgmental and hateful people like you, who misuse religion as an excuse to judge and spread hatred.

Meray Amal meray sath, Apko unki fikar kernay ki zarurath nahi.

Komal Aziz, Komal Aziz Pictures, Komal Aziz Instagram

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