Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad: A Mega Event by Lok Virsa

ISLAMABAD: The week-long colorful Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad turned into a Mega Event that was beautifully arranged and organized by Lok Virsa – National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage in Islamabad. The Lok Mela 2021 received a wonderful response from the public. Thousands of locals, as well as foreigners, turned up at Lok Visa to encourage the talented and skilled artisans of the country. The event provided a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan.

Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad a Mega Event by Lok Virsa

The entire event ” Lok Mela 2021″ was breathtaking and one could not help but praise the skills of the Pakistani Artisans. The mind and hands of these artisans created wonders which can only be comprehended by being present there and seeing with the eyes and feeling with the heart and soul.

The Loke Mela 2021 Islamabad was arranged and organized like never before, the organizers and the authority deserve to be lauded for the efforts they put into it to bring the Pakistani Artisans into the limelight.

The Lok Mela is organized annually to encourage and appreciate the skill and talent of our artisans. The artisans from all over the country are invited to showcase their hand-crafted items. The seven-day event started on Monday, 1st November 2021, and concluded on 7th November 2021. It was arranged and organized at the Lok Virsa Complex, Garden Avenue, Islamabad.

The main features of the Lok Mela 2021 festival in Islamabad included:

  • Provincial Cultural Pavilions
  • Folkloric Song & Dance Ensembles
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Craft Bazaar
  • Cultural Nights
  • Inaugural and Award Ceremonies

Hundreds of senior as well all rising artisans from all provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir brought in their creative artwork which included folk music, hand embroidery, leatherwork, jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, pottery, cloth weaving, painting, jute and chabbi work and many more.

The Lok Mela provides artisans all across the country with an opportunity to exhibit their products and their creative arts and crafts to the masses at a national level. The cultural pavilions had the ambiance of their unique provincial culture and tradition. The Lok Mela depicted the beauty and colors of Pakistan, it was an extremely overwhelming event. Those who missed or could not go this year must try and visit the Lok Mela 2022 next year.

Some of the Glimpses of Lok Mela 2021 captured by INCPak Team

Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Jasti Work by Naseem Khaddi
Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Embroidery by Ishrat from Faisalabad
Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Brass and Copper Ware by Afsar Brothers, Lahore
Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Wall Hangings and decorations by Chann Mahi Handicrafts
Lok Mela 2021, Lok Mela 2021 Islamabad
Handicrafts from Sindh

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