Mira Sethi makes it to Vogue 2021 list with novel ‘Are You Enjoying?’

Pakistani model turned actress Mira Sethi has made it to Vogue list of best books to read in 2021 with her debut novel “Are You Enjoying?’, which is a collection of short stories set in Pakistan.

Mira Sethi, Are You Enjoying, Are You Enjoying?, Mira Sethi Vogue
Mira Sethi makes it to Vogue 2021 list with novel ‘Are You Enjoying?’

The list is co-compiled by Refinery29 and Vogue Magazine.

Chloe Schama, the senior editor at Vogue, describes the novel as “a powerful book with a light touch, marking the arrival of an assured storyteller.”

“The stories that make up Mira Sethi’s debut collection are set in Pakistan, but that is about where the similarities among her protagonists end: A young actress negotiates power dynamics on and off the set; a divorced man strikes up an affair with his diplomat neighbor. A portrait of a diverse and varied country, told through the emotions and exploits of her characters.” she added.

During a live session with her aunt, Mira Sethi, revealed that her book is coming out in April 2021.

An earlier post shared by Mira Sethi claims that her upcoming novel, “Are You Enjoying?” will explore the high-stakes worlds of television, politics as well as the intimate corridors of the home, including the bedroom.

It is a collection of wryly observed, deeply revealing stories that look at life in Pakistan with humour, compassion, psychological acuity, and emotional immediacy.” the post adds.

“Childhood best friends agree to marry in order to keep their sexuality a secret. A young woman with an anxiety disorder discovers the numbing pleasures of an illicit love affair.

“A radicalized student’s preparations for his sister’s wedding involve beating up the groom. An actress is forced to grow up fast on the set of her first major TV show, where the real intrigue takes place off-screen — every story bears witness to the all-too-universal desire to be loved, and what happens when this longing gets pushed to its limits.

Are You Enjoying? is a free-spirited, confident, indelible introduction to a galvanizing new talent.” the Instagram post concludes.

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