Another Police constable Yasir Aftab dismissed over filming Tiktok

Another police constable from Islamabad, Yasir Aftab has been fired by higher authorities over filming Tiktok video. The video was recorded in an official police vehicle that fanned the flames for the ill-fated officer.

yasir aftab tiktok, police constable tiktok
Another police constable dismissed over filming Tiktok

The incident took place on 24th July. Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) officer, Yasir Aftab was fired from his profession soon after his Tiktok clips went viral. The spontaneous action against the young police constable was taken by Sarfaraz Falaki, Director Inspector General of security and traffic, Islamabad. Moreover, a brief inspection into the matter was ordered soon after, that is to be supervised by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Traffic Farrukh Rashid.

yasir aftab tiktok, police constable tiktok
Police constable dismissed over filming Tiktok

What makes this case complicated is the statement of Khalid Rashid, the other Superintendent Police (SP) and the fellow of unfortunate officer.

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According to Khalid, polic constable Yasir Aftab had been on leave when he recorded the Tiktok video. However, police report says otherwise, that he filmed it while being on-duty. The case is being looked into as Khalid is called for inquiry and the final decision would be just hopefully.

Tiktok has brought up hidden acting passions of majority individuals, including police officials from all over the country. However, senior authorities’ decision of restricting such applications is completely comprehensible, as such actions add to security threats.

Similarly, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police Chief, Muhammad Amir Zulfiqar Khan had strictly imposed ban on all social media activities.

“Making Tiktok videos is against the discipline.” – As mentioned clearly by Amir Zulfiqar.

Hence, this justifies the dismissal of traffic police constable Yasir Aftab, as he was violating the law and order.

Law enforcement supremacies seem socially activated these days as even minor infringement is not forgiven. Few days back, a lady police constable Wafa Tauqeer was also fired by Punjab Police over making Tiktok video in her police uniform. 

police constable

Wafa Tauqeer claimed that those videos were recorded about eight months ago, during her training but to no vain.

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