Lady constable Wafa Tauqeer TikTok dance video goes viral

LAHORE: Lady constable Wafa Tauqeer TikTok dance video went viral leading to her dismissal from the Punjab Police after her commanding officers took notice of the incident.

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Lady Constable Wafa Tauqeer TikTok video goes viral.

An inquiry was launched into the lady constable Wafa Tauqeer TikTok dance video that went viral and when the allegations against her were proved, she was immediately dismissed from the force.

The lady constable Wafa Tauqeer released a statement regarding her viral video admitting her mistake of filming in her police uniform but says that the action taken against her was unfair.

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According to Wafa Taqueer, she should have been issued a warning first rather than a straight dismissal claiming she is not the only one in the force to be making TikTok videos.

A further investigation has been launched by Deputy Inspector General Police (DGIP) Asim Khan into police personnel who have uploaded such illegal videos on social media app TikTok and requested for a complete report within three days followed by legal action.

The following video contains the statement by lady constable Wafa Tauqeer regarding her viral TikTok dance video.

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Earlier Punjab Police requested Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing to ban the social media app TikTok since the provincial police department seems to like the idea of banning online services.

Earlier, Punjab Police requested for a ban on the online multiplayer game PUBG which has now been unbanned by the Islamabad High Court.

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