Saba Qamar gets trolled over poetry narration

The glamorous queen of showbiz Saba Qamar becomes a target of internet trolls yet again, however for entirely newest reasons. In one of her Instagram videos, the cheekh actress was spotted reciting an entertaining couplet, but it seems like the audience isn’t impressed very much.

Saba Qamar

The beauty with brains of showbiz, Saba Qamar has proven herself to be more than just an ordinary actress. From modeling to directing a musical video Qubool, there’s nothing that Saba cannot do. Nevertheless, as the Baaghi decided to set forth her poetic talent, she received more trolls and criticism than appreciation, as the viewers couldn’t stomach her witty verses.

Saba Qamar gets trolled

2020 has been a tough year for the showbiz starlet Saba Qamar, as she had to deal with intense criticism and public defamations. Saba’s directorial debut Qubool and her bold bathrobe photo-shoot are among few dealings, which welcomed unwanted disparagement towards the actress. Nevertheless, in spite of back to back mocking, Saba decides to overlook her haters rather than stooping to their level and responding back.


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Recently, a video of Saba took the internet by storm in which the actress was narrating a jokey stanza. The short clip was assumed to be from Saba’s shooting set as we know she’s currently working on a project alongside Zahid Ahmed and Syed Jibran.

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As soon as the short clip surfaced, the critics hopped into the comment section, throwing mean and defaming responses to Saba’s poem. Where some criticized her game of expressions that were too extreme for a decent rhyme, others were of opinion that Saba Qamar is pulling on cheap tactics for attention.

Saba Qamar

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