Stephanie Norman, The Professional Mermaid

Stephanie Norman makes a living by performing as a professional mermaid called Raina.

She is 32 and formerly was an elementary school teacher.

Stephanie Norman hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a full-time professional “mermaid”. She spends 25 hours a week in costume, swimming at various events.

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Her collection of mermaid costumes amount to $25,000 ( collection of mermaid tails)

She discovered the art of mermaiding in 2008. In the year 2008 she suffered from chronic pain in her legs. The pain was so intense she could hardly walk or stand on her feet.

Swimming made her weightless and eased her pain. 

She has her own company called Halifax Mermaids, which she started in 2014.

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She now books regular performances at children’s birthday parties and in aquariums.

Stephanie Norman runs the business with husband Sean Norman, 41. He also works as a simulation integration specialist.

But that doesn’t stop her receiving regular propositions from creepy admirers asking her to take special pictures or trying to start a relationship

Stephanie Norman has stated in one of her statements that “I’ve been swimming with sharks and that to me is not as scary as dealing with some of these aggressive men. Some people just imagine relationships that aren’t there.”

Her profession is also not free from harassment: “We do get unwanted attention, often sexual in nature, and we call those people ‘merverts.’

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