The Batman debuts its first trailer starring Robert Pattinson

Warner bros has unveiled its first trailer of The Batman at DC’s FanDome that took place on Saturday night. The forthcoming dark film features the charismatic heartthrob, Robert Pattinson as gritty Dark Knight. Moreover, the film is set to release next year.

The Batman
The Batman debuts its first trailer starring Robert Pattinson

The movie had been the most worthwhile franchise for the studio since the start. The film series is known to have earned more than 5 billion dollars at the global box office since 1989’s Batman. However, what captivated the viewer’s attention is enigmatic star Robert Pattinson, who is latest to wear the cowl after other famous actors like Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale to name a few.

Additionally, the studios previous film “Joker” smashed many box office records last year, winning an academy award on its way to success. Hence, the show-runners have high optimism for the forthcoming movie.

The Batman release date

Shadowy adventure film, The Batman was originally scheduled to release on June 25th, 2021. However, the global pandemic delayed its release. The movie is now set to hit theatres on 1st October, 2021 at the time of Halloween.

The Batman

About the Trailer

The Batman trailer has spellbound the audience in its dark fantasy as it earned huge commends and positive responses.

The two minutes trailer highlights a twisted murder mystery that takes place in the dark city of Gotham. Batman alongside his detective partner James Gordan is already onto it, untangling the disturbing homicide.

Moreover, there’s a signature card left at the crime scene, addressed to batman. It reads, “From your secret friend…Let’s play a game, just me and you.”

The trailer is perfectly set on a haunted soundtrack “Something in the way” and includes all the familiar calling cards from the previous Batman films.

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The first footage into the dark detective-style mystery Batman has gained huge popularity already, as its trailer crosses millions of views on different channels on vide sharing platform YouTube.

Matt Reeves on The Batman

Director Matt Reeves commented his version of “The Bat man movie is inspired by classical noirs like Chinatown and Taxi Driver, and will meet a very human and very flawed Bruce Wayne in his second year as Batman, trying to solve a series of crimes.”

Cast members

The star studded cast of the follow up movie includes:

  • Robert Pattinson as Batman
  • Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman
  • Paul Dano as Roddler
  • Colin Farrel as Penguin
  • Jaffery Wright as Commissioner Gordon
  • John Turturro as Carmine Falcone
  • Jayme Lawson as Bella Real
  • Peter Sasgaard as Gil Colson

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