Video leak of Uzma Khan on social media spark controversy

A video leak of Uzma Khan on social media has sparked controversy where the actress along with her sister Huma Khan are alleged of having an extra marital affair with a man named Usman.

Uzma Khan Huma Khan Video Leak
Uzma Khan and her sister Huma Khan becomes victim of controversial video leak.

The video is being by unknown woman who is probably the wife of Usman and can be heard alleging that the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actress Uzma Khan and her sister were having an extra marital relation with her husband.

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The woman can be heard forcing the two sisters to accept sleeping with her husband Usman but what’s more interesting is that even after finding out that her husband is having an extra marital affair she is more worried about being called an aunty rather than her marriage falling apart.


Full video of the incident as leaked on social media:

Social media has been trending with this topic since yesterday especially Twitter with the hashtag #UzmaKhan where everyone is sharing their views on the matter.

Many are alleging that the the woman interrogating and making the video is the daughter of Malik Riaz and that she barged into the house of Uzma Khan where the video was made and the clothes of the two sisters are wet because the woman spilled kerosene oil on them.


Another photo is being shared on social media which is apart of the video and clearly shows Uzma Khan and her sister being beaten and injured and there is a lot of blood visible.


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