Zindagi Tamasha gets approval for public screening

Sarmad Khoosat’s film Zindagi Tamasha, that was previously a target of many ongoing quarrels and controversies, finally gets a green signal for its release by the officials.

Zindagi Tamasha releasing soon

Zindagi Tamasha (circus of life) was scheduled to release on 24th of January this year. Nevertheless, as soon as its trailer was released, the film got into huge trouble. Numerous objections were raised on its filming and story-line, resulting in disputations and temporary ban on its launch by the government.

However, after 6 months of wait and squabbling related to the film, Zindagi tamasha finally got an approval for release yesterday by the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights. The committee dismissed all the objections raised, giving it a thumbs up public screening.  

PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, who lead the panel tweeted the senate’s decision in favor of the film saying:

“Senate HR committee has unanimously agreed with Censor board’s decision to allow screening of movie “zindagi tamasha”. We’ve found nothing wrong with it. Censor board has our go ahead to release post Covid. Detail reasoning to follow later.”

Zindagi Tamasha controversies:

“Zindagi tamasha” was to be launched earlier this year on January 24. But, 3 days prior to its release, the government decided to postpone the film.

Reason of delay was the opposition and criticism rose by Tehreek e labaik Pakistan (TLP).  According to TLP, the movie portrayed some critical religious figures and issues that should not be promoted.

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Here to mention, the movie was already permitted twice by the censor board, way before these disputations. However, the government had to consider the dissent as TLP threatened wild protest throughout the country if Zindagi tamasha releases.  

Later in February, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the chairman to TLP also announced that he would never agree to the release. Government would have to “pass over his dead body” if they want to approve the film he added.

Zindagi Tamasha
Khadim Hussain Rizvi opposes the release of Zindagi tamasha

The government involved Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) into the matter, considering their decision over the exhibition of the movie.

After tons of criticism and quarrel over the screenplay, the government has finally arrived at the decision supporting Khoosat films, denying all the protestations raised. The government declared there’s nothing objectionable with the film that could target any religious authorities.

Earlier to this decision, filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat had also written letter to Prime Minister Imran khan, highlighting the bickering his production has been facing. Sarmad wrote:

“I am bringing this to your notice not just because my team and I are being bullied and pressurized but also this series of episodes undermines a state institution like the Central Board of Film Censors and strips it of its authority and stature.”

To sum up, Zindagi Tamasha will finally be released this year. Moreover, no controversial statements have been made from Khadim Hussain Rizvi or TLP side over the government’s decision.

About Zindagi Tamasha:

Directed by Sarmad Khoosat under the banner of Khoosat films production, Zindagi Tamasha revolves around the life of religious scholar Rahat Khuwaja, who gathers a lot of criticism and rejection in society after he posts some irrelevant videos. The film portrays intolerance and harshness of the society as assumed from the trailer.

Zindagi Tamasha


  • Arif Hassan as Rahat Khawaja
  • Ali Kureshi as Danish
  • Samiya Mumtaz      
  • Eman Suleman as Sadaf

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